First Pre-Wedding Consultation

The following shares typical minimums for how long to expect various activities on your wedding day to take place.  Of course, the more time we allow, the less stressful (and more photographically creative) the day can be!  Also, be sure to plan travel time, including time to get into and out of vehicles and walking between buildings.  Lastly, don't forget during the warmer months to plan "cool down" time indoors to minimize sweat and wilting hair.

Getting Ready:  Most Brides tend to need 2-3 hours for makeup and hair, depending upon the complexity involved.  Be sure to communicate well with your hair/makeup team to be sure that they  have a comfortable amount of time to do what they do.  A corseted dress should be allowed 25 minutes to get on, while zip-up dresses can be allowed 10 minutes.

Plan at least 15 minutes of downtime before the Ceremony to get grounded and focused on the purpose of the day.

A Receiving Line takes at least 30 minutes (or up to an hour when you are expecting more than 200 guests).  Dismissing rows one at a time can take just as long.

Bridal Party Photographs:  30 minutes (1 hour suggested if there are more than 15 persons in your Bridal Party)

Bride & Groom:  30 minutes minimum, 1 hour suggested

Family Photographs:  30 minutes (if the suggested "6 shots" system below is used)

Reception:  Plan at least 15-30 minutes of transition between activities (i.e. Between the toasts and first dance)

The Basics
Wedding Date
Wedding Date
Bride's Full Name *
Bride's Full Name
How would you like to be called? Ex. Barb Brown
Incl Area Code 740-555-1234
Bride's Address
Bride's Address
Groom's Full Name *
Groom's Full Name
How would you like to be called? Ex. Sam Smith
Incl Area Code 740-555-1234
Moving to a different address, after marriage? *
Married Address
Married Address
The Bridal Party
Number of Additional Bridesmaids *
Incl Jr. Bridesmaid(s)
Number of Additional Groomsmen *
In Jr. Groomsmen
Rehearsal Basics
Interested in photos at the rehearsal or rehearsal dinner? *
Engagement session can be applied to Rehearsal (or Rehearsal Dinner) photos
Getting Ready
Will you have:
Before the Ceremony
Interested in BEFORE the ceremony: *
The Ceremony
Address of the Ceremony *
Address of the Ceremony
Flash restrictions, etc.
Between the Ceremony and Reception
Will you be planning a: *
The Reception
Address of Reception Center *
Address of Reception Center
Will you be planning: *
If Sunset photos are requested
Interested in Boudoir photography?

Formal Family Photos

Below you will find the 6 suggested family formal shots.  Please fill in the sections for the family shots you wish to have taken.  PLEASE make sure to indicate both the name of the person in the shot and their relationship to the bride/groom.  This helps us to plan out the pictures in the most efficient manner.   (Due to the unpredictable nature of weddings, no specific shot is absolutely guaranteed)

Formal Family Photos
Bride's Side
Ex. Bride, Groom, Mary (mother of bride), Bill (father of bride), Sam (brother of bride)
Ex: Same as above plus Robert (grandfather of bride), Andy (Uncle of Bride), Jill (Aunt of Bride) & Eric (Cousin of Bride)
Ex. George & Beth (Grandparents of the Bride)
Groom's Side
Same as above
Same as above
Same as above
Ex: (1) Bride and Groom with Larry (Officiant), (2) Bride and Groom with Bride's Brothers (Bill, Tom and Frank), (3) Bride and Mother (Mary)

Little Details

Ex. A special reading or song performed by friend/family member, etc.
Ex. "I'll be wearing my great-grandmother's broach and would like it specifically photographed"
Ex. Pranks, performances, culturally specific traditions, etc.
Is the photographer going to be included in the meal headcount?
Are you interested in a 2nd Photographer for any portion of the day?

Vendor Information

This section allows me to credit your other vendors when I show photographs of their hard work, online.  Please fill out to the best of your ability.  Names are great, and a link to the vendor's website/Facebook page is even better!  If a website is not available, a form of contact such as email-or phone number is fabulous. Thank you!

One last question...Are you ready to marry the LOVE of your life and live happily ever after?