Getting Ready for Your Headshot

Whether you're getting your Senior yearbook picture, or you're having professional headshots taken for business cards, the general rules of engagement are the same.  See below for tips and tricks to making your headshot session a productive and successful one.

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Clothing & Accessories

  • Solid colors look great in headshots
  • All colors photograph well, and white is a fresh and new trend, but darker colors are more slimming and look good paired with a contrasting, lighter color underneath.
  • Tailored clothing looks best.  Everything should fit well in the shoulders and arms and lay flat or button easily without pulling when you are sitting down.  A suit jacket is always a good choice for a business portrait.
  • If going with a pattern, keep it simple.  Avoid large patterns and shiny fabrics.
  • Start with a simple shirt or blouse and slowly add layers.  Scarves with small patterns are best.
  • Avoid anything with large shoulder pads.
  • Make sure that ALL clothes are ironed, pressed and void of pet hair before the shoot.  Wrinkles in clothes are difficult to Photoshop out.
  • Simple jewelry is recommended.  
  • Guys:  We recommend a shirt and jacket that is more fitted and fits well around the neck and buttons easily.  Ties and pocket squares should lay flat and wrinkle free.


  • Ladies, start with your hair down and towards the end of the shoot you can put it up in a ponytail for a more casual look, if desired.
  • If it is within your budget, you can hire a hair stylist for the morning of your session.  

Practice makes perfect

    • Before your session look at your face in the mirror and see what side you like better.  Everyone has a preferred side, find yours.  
    • If you have one eye that is visibly smaller than the other, bring the side of your face with the smaller eye toward the camera.  This will help to reduce the difference between the two.
    • Try different expressions in the mirror.  Do you look better stoic or happy?  We will plan to get different expressions from you during your shoot, so don't worry.

    Makeup and Face

    • Keep it natural.
    • Bring lip balm or lip gloss to help keep your lips looking soft
    • Don't do any extreme beauty regimens right before your shoot, like facial peels, tanning or extensive exfoliating.  Your skin can look very irritated.
    • Along the same lines, get rid of any unwanted hair a few days before your shoot.  Clean up brows and upper lip hair
    • If it's within your budget, you can hire a make up artist to do your makeup for your session.  
    • Guys - Shave right before you leave.  A 5 o clock shadow can't be Photoshopped easily.  Use cooling gel or aftershave to help with skin irritation. 

    During the session

    • Do your best to relax during the session.  Most people do not like to have their pictures taken, or to have the camera inches away from their faces, and I know that.  I do my best to help you to relax, because no one wants pictures of themselves looking all stressed and strained. :)  
    • Don't force your smile.  It will look awkward in the images and your cheeks will be sore after the shoot.  A good tip is to leave a little space between your teeth when smiling, enough to put the tip of your pinky in between.  Your smile will look more genuine.  When in doubt, almost always guarantees a good smile.
    • If you need a breather, don't be afraid to ask for a break.  The lights can be bright, your mouth can be dry, these things happen.  Let me know if there's anything we can do to help make you feel more comfortable.