I love the first wedding of the season.  It really warms my heart and gives me optimism for the coming summer months.  This was the wedding of Jack and Mindy.  This wasn't their first wedding, but I'm convinced it's their last.  

Here are a few of my favorite images from the day.  The first is their "no look" first look.  Jack gladly wore a tie over his eyes for the chance to speak with Mindy one last time before the ceremony.  Their neighbor was kind enough to let us use the space in front of the barn for the occasion.  

Mindy & Jack chose the ruins from the old Ebenezer Church as the location for their wedding.  It had to be one of the oldest churches in town.  It's skeleton, albeit minimalistic, was the perfect setting for their marriage ceremony to take place.  When I first saw the location about a month prior, there were no leaves on the trees and the grass was dead and sparce.  On May 28th, 2016 it seemed as though Mother Nature had poured all of her blessings into that location, and gave them a beautiful shady enclosure to lovingly embrace the couple and their guests.  

Here Jack's father reads to Mindy the words that Jack had spoken to him regarding his deep love for her.  Mindy's mother did the same for Jack.  It was so very moving, and also a big surprise to the bride and groom.  

I love this photo.  Here you can see Mindy and Jack stealing a quick glance behind their pastor.  Even with someone in between them, they are still so very connected.  

Note:  The amazing flowers were from Sweet William Blossom Boutique.  

Is she not absolutely gorgeous!

Quite the dapper groom.

At the height of the late afternoon heat, we got a little mini rain storm.  It didn't put a damper on the celebration at all.  As quickly as the rain came, then it was gone.  They say that rain on your wedding day is good luck.  :)

Of course I took many photos of Jack, Mindy and their kids dancing, as well as their guests.  My favorite picture, however, turned out to be the one of their drinks....waiting patiently on the railing, while Jack swung Mindy around the dance floor.  

As the sun began to set I snuck these love birds off to take a few sunset photos.  You could tell that they needed some time alone, away from the noise and the crowd.  It was sweet watching them laugh and talk while I was setting up my camera for the shot.  I love this candid shot.  I hadn't yet posed them, but you can just tell how Jack can't keep his hands off of her.  They're so sweet together.

What better way to end the evening than to capture the space between two people who love each other so deeply.  Thank you Mindy & Jack for inviting me to photograph your love story.  

And they lived happily ever after.