Something I am frequently asked this time of year is, "When is the best time to schedule senior photos?" Well, If you're asking this question, the answer is probably "Now!

Ideally, the best time to schedule a senior portrait session is anytime beginning Spring of your Junior year to early Spring of Senior year. Of course, you can always schedule your session another time, but to ensure your choice of dates and venues, it is best to begin early! 

There are several things to consider when deciding when to schedule Senior pictures, but the most important thing is to make sure to schedule the consultation with the photographer well in advance of the season in which you wish to be photographed. You want to ensure you have enough time to plan (planning outfits, squeezing in hair appointments, etc) and that your photographer has an opening on your preferred date.  For example, my October weekday dates are typically booked up by August and my the weekends are usually booked up by June.  

Here are a few factors to consider when scheduling your senior pictures:

  • What is your yearbook deadline?  Many larger schools establish deadlines shortly after senior year begins for your yearbook headshot. Smaller schools might allow until January or February of the graduation year to turn in a yearbook picture.  Regardless, it is a good idea to establish a "no later than" date to schedule your photo session, keeping in mind the date on which you are required to submit your photos to the school.  
  • What is the right season for you? If football is your thing, or basketball, then the season in which those sports or extracurriculars take place might be the best time for a photo shoot. After all, fall leaves falling on a baseball field might look a little strange.
  • Don't forget the weather!  Cold weather isn't for everyone, but some people just can't stand to be hot or sweaty.  On the other hand, some prefer a warmer setting. Taking these things into consideration when you schedule your pictures will help alleviate a lot of regrets when you find yourself breaking a sweat in the first few minutes of an hour long session. 
  • What's your style? If it's urban, edgy or just plain "I'm not into nature," you may want to consider doing pictures in a downtown setting; and in that case, the time of year isn't as important as it would be if you wanted pretty (Spring) flowers or lots of colorful fall foliage in your nature-themed pictures.


  • When are you going to be busiest?  A lot of Seniors wait until Winter to contact a photographer about Senior pictures, and then schedule them for Spring.  While this is understandable - there are so many events/deadlines/parties going on it's difficult to find time - I find that this tends to put an unnecessary stress on families as Senior year is coming to a close. This is why I recommend that if you want Spring pictures, that you do them at the end of your Junior year.
  • Don't forget processing times and busy seasons for your photographer.  You will not be your photographer's only client. This means that the photographer will be editing your pictures within the queue of other clients who have also recently had their photos taken.  What that means to you is that if you have a need for those images in time for a Yearbook submission date, you should schedule your pictures at least two to three weeks in advance of that date. A ballpark timeline from photo shoot to proofs to the point you have the images in your possession can range, but I work to ensure my clients can review their images within two weeks.  Prints, wall art or photo albums arrive are typically delivered to the studio approximately two weeks later.

The MOST important thing to remember is to schedule time with the photographer well in advance of when you plan to have your pictures taken. Sometimes that might be as much as 6 months in advance of when you want to be photographed. When I meet with my Seniors we discuss what you are looking for, and together we plan out the timeline/venue/details of your session(s).  I insist on meeting with each Senior client in advance of their pictures so that I can get to know their personality and establish a comfort level for when they are in front of the camera, and so they can feel a part of the planning process.  It's also an opportunity for a parent or guardian to ask questions about the process, products available and their pricing.  After the meeting, everyone should feel like there is a game plan so that when it's time for the session, I am able to deliver  exactly what was discussed.  

So, if you're a Junior (and CERTAINLY if you're a Senior), you need to be scheduling that meeting now so you can schedule pictures at a time that fits you and your personality.  

Are you interested in contacting me for your Senior Session? Feel free to Contact Me for more information about my Senior Photography.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!