On July 15th I was super excited to photograph the marriage of Mackenzie and Steven at Mackenzie's parent's home.  I had already been out there once before, to get the lay of the land.  I already knew it was a beautiful property, and was excited to see that dad had unknowingly cleared a great spot for us to take family and bridal party photos in front of the old barn.  The only challenge was going to be the setting sun, so I had to bring some of my lighting with me to counteract the sunshine behind the bride and groom during the ceremony...but that's why you hire a professional, and not a friend with a "good camera".  We get the job done!  :) 

The highlight of the evening was the Dancing Dude (also a groomsman) who, just as I was promised during our wedding consultation, boogied on the dance floor all night long.  I don't think that the DJ got more than 5 or 6 notes from the first song played before Dude was out there, cutting a rug.  Not long after that, the tie came off and was strategically placed around the head.  LOVED IT!  Dude, you rocked it!

The thing that made it the most enjoyable, though, other than the obvious love that Mackenzie and Steven shared was that they trusted me to just "do my thing", and put enough time into the schedule to do just that.  We took funny pictures, we got some great serious ones, and we had fun doing it.  This one goes in the books as a favorite, for sure.  Thanks guys!

And fun was had by all, well into the night.  What a great wedding.  I told Mackenzie that while I love my job, and I do enjoy photographing weddings, but I rarely do I have as much fun as I did her wedding.  It was fun, from beginning to end...and I even got a nifty little party favor...the coolest coozie ever!