This is it, the first wedding of the year, and boy was it a great one!  It was so difficult to narrow this down to my favorite 15-20 pictures.  

First off, let me just say that the decorations were AMAZING.  Ann (the mother of the bride) can decorate for me anytime!  

Some special moments between Jessie, her mom and aunt.

The ceremony was held inside, because of the rain.  We all decided that it made the ceremony much more intimate (and thankfully more warm, considering this was still January).  

It may have been raining outside (which, by the way is good luck on your wedding day), but it was snowing inside. 

Taking bridal party photos in small spaces isn't ideal.....but with Ann's decorations, and Jessie's great taste in bridal party attire....I think it worked out perfectly.

Time to cut the cake!  And then eat it.....right off your beautiful bride's chest.  

It's time to get down on the dance floor!  Go, Grandpa go!

You'd think that Jessie was a pro at throwing the bouquet!  Ha ha ha!

Look Ma, no hands!

No....they weren't really smoking.  Don't worry, we don't violate any state laws.  

And then then there were just two...and the love between them.  <sigh>

Well folks, that's it.  I want to award this wedding's Vendor of the Day award to The Chillicothe Country Club, who did a fantastic job tending to everyone's needs.  I have to give them special kudos for two save-the-day moves.  First, when Jessie walked down the stairs and through the bar to enter the dining room Beth was quick to make sure that her staff blocked the other entryway, so Jake couldn't see her walk by in her dress.  Second, just as soon as the cake was cut at least half a dozen skilled Country Club staff swooped in to cut the cake.  I can't tell you how many weddings I've been to where the cake gets forgotten because no one thought to make cake-cutting arrangements. 

Honorable mention goes to Ray from Martin Music Company.  I've worked with him many times now and by far he's one of the most professional (and best dressed) DJs around.  He's one classy dude.

Congratulations (even though you were already married) Jessie & Jake.  I wish you both continued happiness and lots of love to carry you through the years together.