I was blessed to be able to photograph this couple's engagement photos last fall.  I immediately was drawn to these two, and their sweet relationship.  You could tell right away just how well they complimented each other's personalities.  

They got married at Brookshire, in Columbus, Ohio.  Here's a sweet photo of their NO look "first look".  They didn't want to see each other at all before the ceremony, but we figured out a way to get them back-to-back to speak for a few minutes before the ceremony.  

The ceremony itself was outside and it was just perfect.  One of my favorite special touches was that Rebecca and Camron purchased a sapling for the ceremony.  Both families brought soil to add to the tree, to symbolize the combining of the two houses.  I heard that one of the jars of soil had a worm in it...tee hee hee.  I didn't see it myself, but they were laughing as they were adding the soil.  :)  

I love it when the bridal party loosens up a little and can be a little silly.  :) 

Did I mention that Brookshire is a beautiful facility?  It is designed perfectly for weddings.  Everywhere you look is a perfect place to snap pictures.

One of my favorite photos from the reception.....

That's just a quick sneak peek of some of my favorite shots.  Sooooo many more to go through and edit.  I can't wait. :)