Not long after the first wedding (just one week, actually) of the season I was fortunate enough to photograph Jenny & Dave Lamp's wedding.  This wedding was extra special for several reasons.  First, because Jenny is the daughter of my neighbor and friend, Terressa Reep.  It was also very meaningful for me because Jenny's son is my youngest daughter's age, and I can see the love and support he receives by Jenny's (now) husband.  It really warms the heart to see them interacting as a family.  

We started the afternoon off with a "first look" between Jenny and Dave, and then we let Ben join in the experience.  

Check out this expression!  Priceless!

And three makes a family.  This is just absolutely beautiful.

The awesome bridal party.  I really enjoyed all of these folks on Saturday.  You can tell they're really in it to see Jenny & Dave succeed in their marriage.  Love surrounds them, very literally.  

It rained, but that didn't stop anyone. :D

Poor guy.  Ben kept getting kissed by women right and left.  This one is a smooch from the bride - his mother.

Uh oh, Ben.  Watch out!

I joked with Jenny & Dave after the ceremony about how the climate changed as soon as they walked down the aisle to get married.  The weight of it was very real and all I could think was the words: "shit just got real".  Hahaha.

The blessing of the rings.

Porky gives the champaign toast to the bridal couple.

The first dance.

Father (Porky) and Daughter Dance

Mother son dances.  Beautiful.

That's enough of a sneak peek for now.  There are hundreds of other amazing photos that I will be working through over the next few weeks.  It was such a treat to photograph this couple and their son.  :)  Life is good and oh boy, do I LOVE my job!  :D