I could tell once I stepped foot in Brooke & Alex's wedding that it was going to be a blast, from beginning to end.  The Chillicothe Country Club was a perfect setting for this beautiful wedding.  We even snuck up to the golf range up on the hill for some neat shots on the green, overlooking the city.  My favorite part of the wedding were Brooke & Alex and their bridal party.  They were so full of energy that I suspect that they're still partying it up tonight, a full 24 hours later! 

I love these ring shots - it allows the creative in me to come out. :D

The Chillicothe Country club was a beautiful venue for an outdoor wedding!  The view was spectacular!  

And you may kiss the bride.  

The new Mr. and Mrs. Smith!  Awesome!!!

Too cute not to be included in this sneak peek.

Loved the cool shades that the bridal couple bought everyone!

The boys had a little sass of their own.  

Look out!  Brooke's in charge!  :D

Uh oh, someone had an accident (thankfully, it was just a drink spill)

At the end of the night, it's having your friends and family close on your special day that matters most.

And they lived happily ever after...