This is what you get when you have an amazing haunted venue, 20 models and 12 different themes.  You get some incredible creativity, that's what you get.  Great times!

Model: Alanna Gannaway

Model: Brooklyn Watts,   Makeup:  Daniella Wilson

Model:  Angela Kirker

Model: Sharon Holmes;  Makeup:  Rhoda Chronebach

Models:  Heather, Lily, Zion & Selah Payne; Autumn Ruza 

Model: Stephanie Chuckery;  Makeup: Rhoda Chronebach

Models:  Divanna Bruce & John Schafer

Models: Rikki Vah & Stephanie Riker;  Makeup:  Sam Antics

Model:  Tony Ballard-Smoot

Models:  Jarod & Andy Callander

Model:  Cathy Tivener;  Makeup:  Sam Antics

Model:  Ember Burns;  Makeup:  Rhoda Cronebach

Model:  Nova Storm;  Makeup:  Sam Antics

I hope you enjoyed my images.  I had an amazing time taking them.  I'm really pleased with these first few images I've had the time to edit.  Please let me know what you think, drop a comment for me, or share on Facebook.  :)