Yes, I am aware that "funnest" is not a real word, however, it is the best word I can use to describe this family.  Last year they blew me away with the most enthusiastic cosplay photoshoot experience.  I got one of my favorite images from that family shoot (see below).  It's a canvas on my wall, it's on my webpage and I use it on some of my business cards.  

This year they did not disappoint.  We hiked through woods, skipped stones, made human pyramids and at the end of the evening we had a massive color war!  

We had a great hike around but the real fun got started just as the sun started to set.  Everyone picked their favorite color and at the count of ONE.....TWO....

THREE!  Everyone went nuts!  I've done a few of these already this year but this one by far was the craziest.  There was chasing, laughing and lots of color everywhere.  :)

Maybe even a little in the mouth.  Hahaha

These kids were colorful rainbows of fun.  :)

Life is good.  Thank you Fisk Family for another great fall family photo shoot!  :)